Insurance as Specialized as Your Business

You need financial protection that is tailored to your business. There is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy. ERM has over 35 years working with businesses in different industries. As a result of our experiences, we have developed several customized programs:


Your Trusted Advisor

We have worked with many of the largest and most reputable insurance carriers for decades. Large carriers evaluate insurance brokers and hire the ones they want to represent them. Many brokers work with the same insurance companies and compensations are negotiated, so there is no incentive for brokers to push products.

Different insurance brokers get the same prices from each carrier, there are no special deals. Only a broker's experience will help you get the financial protection you need for your business. A good broker will know which carrier provides the right coverage for you at the best price.

Expect Transparency from ERM

ERM will take the time to thoroughly review your current insurance policies and business operations. Then we will take the time to explain why each carrier, product, and coverage is the right one for you. You will see all of the quotes and we can help you compare them. Any commission we may receive will be fully disclosed so you can trust our recommendations.