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Car Wash Insurance Low Premiums California

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Frustrated with Worker's Comp Claims?

ERM experts not only help you with claims, they have amazing risk management services that help prevent claims before they even happen!

Are Your Premiums Going Through the Roof?

ERM clients are amazed at how many thousands of dollars ($$$) they save by switching to ERM!

Need Help with HR and

Labor Laws?

ERM clients have access to free legal assistance, forms, and services that most businesses need an entire HR department to have.

Want to Get a Refund Check Back at the End of the Year?

Many ERM clients receive a refund check back at the end of the year due to having less claims using ERM Risk Management

ERM Insurance is Lowering Car Wash Premiums by the Thousands!!

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Meet the Team

Todd Carson Insurance Specialist Car Wash

Todd Carson

• Over 35 years in the car wash industry, 2nd generation car wash operator

• Operated, developed, and sold over 20 carwashes

• Saved thousands of dollars for car washes by revising workers compensation and general liability.

David Tostado 06.21.18.jpg

David Tostado

• Specializes in Car Wash Risk Management

• Specializes in  Claims Management

• Access to over 8 Various Industry Lawyer (labor, property, marketing, etc.)

• Saved over hundreds of thousands of dollars for Car Wash Operators

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