Controlling the Cost of 

Employee Benefits

What is your broker 

doing to earn their commission?

Every year health insurance premiums go up and

every year your benefits broker gets a raise.  Are they

using this additional money to help you or are they doing

the same old things and getting paid more to do it?  At

ERM we use that excess commission to help pay for

services that will make you more efficient and

profitable including:

•Human Resources

•Human Resources Information Systems

•Benefits Administration

•Wellness Programs

How does Risk Management apply to Employee Benefits?

An ERM approach helps keep your employees healthy, drug-free, and motivated.  This reduces costs in many areas including: health insurance, workers compensation,  automobile, and liability.  It reduces turnover and absenteeism while increasing productivity and profitability.  Our incentives go towards your profit margins, not ours.


Virtually every benefits broker provides the same insurance products from the same insurance carriers.  We write with all of the major carriers and offer a full complement of products including but not limited to:

• Group Health/Dental/Vision

• Voluntary Benefits

• Long Term Disability (LTD)

• Executive Benefits