Another ERM Customer Gets A Huge Check from their Insurance Provider!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

King Valet Car Wash is another happy ERM client! Not only has choosing ERM Insurance Brokers saved them $110,000 on this year's premium compared to their previous premium, they are also starting out the holiday season over $40,000 richer! Happy holidays to Dan and Sylvia Gerstner of King Valet!

How did King Valet Car Wash save $150,000+ in insurance with ERM versus their old insurance? ERM agents Rocio Tlaseca and David Tostado guided them and helped them:

· Reduce their risk and refund them premium due to BBSI’s safety incentive program.

· Aggressive claims management - before signing with ERM they had 13 open claims, now they are down to 4

· Safety training material.

· The insured trusted us and was willing to take our advice by making changes and implementing our risk management program.

· ERM partner, BBSI, provided training classes for their upper management.

Are you ready to save six figures on your business insurance premium? Ready to close some claims? Give ERM Insurance a call and let's see how much we can save you! 949-222-0444

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