Another Great Reason to Work on Lowering Your Risks, Incentives!! $$

Congratulations to ERM Insurance Agency's client Pilot Painting and Construction! ERM helps construction companies as well as other specialized commercial clients with strategies to help minimize risk as well as find the best insurance policy.

There are a plethora of reasons why lowering your worker's compensation claims can benefit your company. Americans spend most of their "awake hours" at work, so it is important to create a pleasant and safe atmosphere. When employees enjoy working for a business there is a lot less turnover, great company morale, and more productivity. Watching a coworker get hurt or worrying about yourself getting hurt can ruin a work environment, plus workers compensation claims can unravel a thriving business and raise your premiums.

Insurance companies also suffer when a worker's compensation claim is filed, so many have started issuing rebates to businesses who have successfully minimized their claims. As if the benefits in the above paragraph weren't enough....... now you are incentivized monetarily. Not a bad gig in my book!

Call your ERM Insurance agent today to see how you can start minimizing your risk today! No a client yet? We can help you fix that!

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