Another Great Way to Prevent Workers Compensation Claims

In our first blog about preventing workers compensation claims we talked about improving hiring practices, click here to read it. In this blog we will talk about another main cause of WC Claims: frustration.

Many times a great employee has a claim and never plans on litigating. The claims procedure does not go smoothly and their frustration builds and builds until they feel that their only option is to get a lawyer.

Here are some examples to prevent employee frustration:

1. Problem: Mary dropped a package at work on her toe and thinks it is broken. She goes to the clinic and while dealing with the pain the medical assistant is giving her a problem with the insurance paper work. Mary gets frustrated.

Prevention: Have a relationship with a local clinic and make sure that they business insurance account information is on file. Have someone in human resources call the clinic while the employee is in route to make sure all of the paper work is up to date and to let them know who is coming in and for what. Ask your employee how their care was, if it wasn't satisfactory, look into a different clinic.

2. Problem: Joshua is a construction worker and had a pretty bad fall. The next day his foreman calls and asks why he isn't at work. Joshua gets angry.

Prevention: When an employee might potentially be injured, notify all of their superiors and have someone follow up to see how they are doing. A little caring and foresight goes a long way.

3. Problem: Javier has never dealt with a claim before and his fingers and hands are giving him pain after sitting at his computer for extended periods of time. Javier sees his own doctor and wants to get reimbursed but isn't sure who to talk to and has spent hours on the phone with his insurance company and he still hasn't been reimbursed. Javier is frustrated.

Prevention: Assign someone in human resources to follow up and help guide the employee

through the process. Have them follow up with the employee making sure that they are taken care of.

4. Problem: An employee ran a red light and hit Anna's car while driving a company vehicle. The company is insured by an insurance company with thousands of disgruntled employees and every time Anna calls, the in-house insurance agent assigned to her case has been changed. Anna needs surgery and each time she calls she needs to reiterate her entire situation to the new agent (one of 100s). The last agent Anna spoke with was very rude and told her that they may not cover the surgery. Anna is hurt, frustrated, and angry.

Prevention: Hire an ERM Insurance agent. At ERM you will only be dealing with one or two agents and they will treat you and your employees with compassion and respect.

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