Disgruntled Employees Retaliate!

The 3rd Reason why employees file worker's compensation claims. Click here to read reasons one and two.

At ERM we often see Worker's Compensation claims resulting from unhappy employees. Many of the claimants disliked the monotony of the day to day routine at their job. Most hated their boss, supervisor, direct report, etc... These claimants feel that they were treated poorly by those in charge and file for stress, wrongful termination, a physical ailment that might be exaggerated, or anything else they can find to retaliate. Frequently these claims are post termination.

How can we prevent these types of Worker's Compensation claims?

1. Communicate better with your employees. Make sure tasks are understood as well as the expected outcomes. Read their social queues... do they seem happy? If not, why? Be interested in their opinions and input. Sometimes a little fix is needed to help them enjoy their time at work more. Also, gauge your reactions - yelling, screaming, being mean.... no one would enjoy working for you.

2. Have upper management engage more with those in their department. Work along side them once in a while, plan lunches or social gatherings so they feel more connected to you as well as other employees. Create an environment that you and your employees would enjoy working in.

3. Unless you are letting someone go or a horrific reason, give them a substantial severance. The thought of living without a paycheck can instill stress, anxiety, anger, and resentment. Give them enough so they can sustain their current lifestyle while they are actively job hunting. Don't be an (insert derogatory insult).

*Make your business a happy place to be, your employees spend the majority of their awake hours there.

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