ERM Helps Inspire Orange County Youth

Paul Beakes speaking at a Vital Link Conference

ERM Insurance's Paul Beakes, attended and presented at a Vital Link event.

"Vital Link is a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing students for their future careers through experiential learning opportunities. We offer programs that introduce students to the world of robotics, design engineering and manufacturing, medical careers, performance engineering, computer programming and much more. Through these hands-on programs, we inspire students to feel confident and excited to pursue a fulfilling career."

- about page from Vital Link

ERM Insurance takes an active role in community outreach and helping Orange County teens and young adults find their career path is one of our favorite causes. Many adults spend the majority of their awake time at their job, it is important to love what you do. This organization uses multi faceted methods to help the next generation find what they enjoy and are passionate about. Then, leaders in their field (like ERM is for Orange County Insurance), help them find a profession focused on their interests, and how to get the education to get them there.

If you know a teen or young adult looking for a career path, please visit today.

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