ERM's Guide to Terminating a Remote Employee

In this new normal, many employers have seen how efficient and cost saving it is to have employees work from home. Just like in pre-COVID times, once in a while you may need to let an employee "go". ERM Insurance wants to make sure that you go through all of the same protocols and precautions during this process.

Step 1: Prepare for your meeting:

• Choose a virtual platform so that you can see them face to face, it is common courtesy.

• Set up the meeting. Take into account employees time zones when scheduling. Include the employee who will be terminated, HR, and the employee’s manager as including all necessary participants can eliminate the need for multiple conversations and ensure that the affected employee’s questions and concerns are addressed.

• Review your company’s policies to ensure strict compliance. Ensure that your organization’s termination practices and guidelines are followed.

• Communicate the termination with IT so they can remove the terminated employee's access to internal networks during the meeting time.

Step 2: Conduct the Meeting

• Announce all participants

• Address benefits, severance and vacation pay. Be sure to let employees know what will happen to their benefits, including but not limited to: o Health insurance o 401(k) or other retirement accounts o Health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs) o COBRA eligibility and details. Make sure to address follow-up materials that an employee will be receiving electronically or via mail.

• Address work responsibilities and tying up loose ends.

• Discuss follow-up actions with the employee. The termination meeting is also the correct time to discuss any required follow-up actions from the employee. Ensure that the terminated employee is aware of what this process will look like, and has the necessary resources to complete any required tasks.

Step 3: Collecting Your Property

• To help make the returning of documents, materials, and equipment we suggest overnighting prepaid self addressed packages and mail for the employee to return the materials. You can also include any termination paperwork that requires signatures.

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