Explain the Pros and Cons of Worker's Compensation Claims to Employees

Updated: May 3, 2019

This is part 4 of how to avoid worker's compensation claims. To help aid you in minimizing your company's claims, I suggest you also read: Part 1: Is Your Hiring Practice Creating More WC Claims? Part 2: Employee Frustration, and Part 3: Disgruntled Employees Retaliate.

Personal Injury Lawyers are notorious for selling employees a false bill of goods which can not only hurt your company but your employees as well. Employees who file Worker's Compensation Claims with the aid of a personal injury lawyer are sometimes under the illusion that they are entering a Publisher's Clearing House with much better odds, this is not the case.

Companies should have worker's comp claims trainings so that employees can be more informed before filing or introducing a lawyer into the equation. These trainings should include what constitutes as a work related ailment or injury and what the process is for filing. There should be a clear cut process for helping an injured employee find help and compensation quickly and without stress, the employee should understand this process. When the employee is unsure what to do or the filing process gets tricky, they go seek legal help.

These trainings should also include the pros and cons of filing a claim as well as examples. An example of a fraudulent claim is beneficial as well. Fraudulent worker's compensation claims can cost up to $150,000. Click here for more info

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