Get Some Fresh Air & Spend Quality Time With Your Family

There are many charts circulating the media in regards to activities and their risk of contracting COVID-19. I know that this blog primarily focuses on businesses, but today I want to address you and your family's mental health. Being stuck home can get tedious and boring, the good news is that camping is considered low risk! Camping is a great activity because it involves, planning, working together as a family (challenging to pitch most tents alone), brings new experiences, and fun adventures.

Step 1: Figure out where you would like to camp and reserve a site

•What would your family like to do during the day? Hike? Kayak or play in a lake? Ride dune buggies over sand dunes? Relax by the ocean?

•How far do you want to go? Do you want to stay near home or take a drive upstate or even into another state?

•What kind of weather does your family like? A little cooler and in the shade? Enjoy the warm summer sun?

Since there isn't a lot to do right now during the pandemic, campsites are filling up quickly. Look through the following sites and see if there is a campsite with availability that has what you want:

If there are multiple sites at a campground available and you can't decide which one to choose, I suggest finding one near a water spigot and close enough to walk to the bathroom/port-a-potty without being "too close", learn from our mistakes haha. You can also see what they look like on one of my favorite sites:

Step 2: Check your camping gear and pack

Here is a free printable packing list to help guide you with packing for your camping trip. Camping gear can be expensive and add up, see if you can rent or borrow some equipment from friends.

Download PDF • 923KB

Step 3: Meal plan and shop for food

Check out Pinterest for some delicious camping meals. Make sure that you pack all of your ingredients and the tools that you will need to make each meal. Add them to the ERM packing list above.

ERM tips and tricks:

•Pre-scramble eggs and put them in a zip lock bag

•Pre-marinade meats and keep them in a zip lock bag

•Put snacks into individual bags so they are easy to grab and toss into your backpack for a hike

Step 4: Have fun!

Don't forget to double triple check that you have everything on your list packed and in the car, drive safe!

Can't get reservations? Nervous about Social Distancing at a camp site? Want to do a quick practice run? Camp out in your backyard! Kids love it

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