Happy New Years! ERM Wants to Help You Stick To Your 2019 Health Resolutions!

A Special Gift From ERM Included In This Post!

Every year I wake up on New Years morning and think, this will be the year that I finally lose the baby weight (my youngest is almost 9 years old.... haha). I promise myself that I will eat more vegetables, less carbs, and get to the gym everyday. One year I think I actually made it a full week! Living in Orange County, California being fit and healthy is almost a must. ERM wants to help all of us meet our eating and exercise resolutions in 2019! Follow these steps to figure out your health plan for 2019:

Step 1: Figure out your healthy eating plan using the USDA provided tools. Click here

MyPlate is a great tool and can help you create balanced meals for your entire family. Sometimes when people change their eating habits they look at the physical short term changes. MyPlate will you help you create healthy habits for a lifetime.

Step 2: Create a plan to promote more physical activity in your daily life.

Move Your Way has some great tools to choose, plan, and track your workouts. Go Through the site and check it out.

Keeping track of your heart rate can help you meet your goals as well. To learn more about target heart rates visit Heart.org.

Hopefully now you have all of your goals & strategies to help you achieve your 2019 New Years Resolutions! Now the hardest part.......

Step 3: Follow Through! ERM Insurance Brokers know that the hardest part is sticking to the new plan. So they have a special gift just for you!

Download this editable planner and cookbook and plan your meals and workouts for the week in advance! Click here to get your 2019 Health Planner

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