Help Protect Your Office or Job Site from the FLU! Free printable poster for your Workplace!

The Center for Disease Control highly recommends that everyone get the flu shot. Many people refuse the flu shot claiming that they have had the flu and it wasn't that bad or that they have gone "x" many years and have never contracted it. The reality of it is that the flu shot is not just to protect you.... it is to protect the elderly lady that lives across the street, it is to protect your sister's baby who is too young to get the shot, it is to protect your coworker who has a compromised immune system, etc... I could give you a million reasons and you can relay them to your employees and they will still refuse to get it. So I will share with you this poster that you can print and hang up at work and hope for the best.

This blog is about protecting your business, because as you know, a business can't run if all of your employees are in bed or the hospital with the flu. The flu is spread through droplets of saliva that are expelled when a person sneezes, coughs, or talks. If a flu infected employee coughs into their hand and then touches the front door knob at the office........ well you may have an epidemic at the office. If you see someone at your work site who is sniffling, coughing or looks under the weather, encourage them to go home. If using a sick day is a deterrent to some employees, figure out a work from home contingency plan.

Signs of the FLU:

• Sudden onset of fever

• Headache

• Extreme tiredness

• Muscle aches

• Cough and/or sore throat

• Runny or stuffy Nose

Click here for a free printable FLU poster to post at work. Post it where they can see it; in the break room, the inside of a bathroom stall door, etc..


-ERM Insurance Brokers

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