How will the #MeToo Movement Affect My Business?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

How will this affect my company?

So you might be thinking, great! It is time for a change and I fully support a safe and comfortable setting for all of my employees, in fact for employees everywhere! Yes, this is a very positive and wonderful thing and I am sure you have an amazing work environment. Most business owners feel the same exact way, yet according to National Public Radio’s findings….. 38% of women have dealt with sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace.

What can we do to make a safer work environment?

The first thing you can do is to follow Governor Brown’s newest law. Soon all companies with fifty or more employees must include all employees in sexual harassment training, not only supervisors like in the past. By the year 2020, all businesses with five or more employees must have sexual harassment training for everyone.

Who can lead the sexual harassment training?

Attorneys and human resource specialists with at least 2 years of experience, college professors or instructors with 2 years of experience in this area, and credentialed teachers. For more specifics you can check here.

Do I have to hire someone to train my supervisors and managers?

Right now there are 2 hour webinars you can register them for online through CalHr! This is an easy alternative for the time being. Check it out.

Is training enough?

In your employee handbook (if you don't have one, you should create one) state that you have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and any claim will be fully investigated and the harasser will be disciplined or fired. Clearly define what sexual harassment is and what is not allowed in your workplace and have specific guidelines for reporting a claim and the procedures that will follow. Also mention that retaliation will not be tolerated and the one filing the claim should feel safe. Need help with the verbiage and/or implementation? Call an Enterprise Risk Management broker today. 949-222-0444

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