Is Your Company Ready for Fire Season?

Prepare your business for fire

The winds are already starting to pick up around Orange County California and the heat is ready to roll in. Californians had some of the most devastating fires we have ever seen this past year and are now worried about the coming winds, brush, and heat waves. As a business owner your three main responsibilities are: fire prevention, evacuation protocols, and to make sure that your insurance policies cover everything you need them to.

Steps for Fire Prevention:

1. Keep your work areas clean and trash is disposed of correctly each day. Clutter is usually flammable.

2. Maintenance. Make sure all of the machines you use at work are maintained regularly by an expert (log it!) to prevent overheating and sparks.

3. Safe storage and usage of chemicals.

4. Have employees immediately report electrical issues and get an expert to look at it.

5. Building security. If you can't afford a security guard make sure that employees report strangers or disgruntled ex employees. Keep the arsonists out.

Everyone Should Prepare for a Fire:

1. Routinely check to make sure that all fire extinguishers are charged.

2. Make sure that electrical panels are accessible and sprinklers are not blocked.

3. Emergency numbers and signage placed throughout the business.

4. Train your employees on what to do - Fire Drills. They aren't just for school children, run them at work so if a fire breaks out, everyone knows what to do.

Call ERM:

1. ERM provides risk management services and can run more in depth assessments to make sure that your company is ready for fire season.

2. ERM can help you put procedures in place that in the event of a natural disaster your business can be up and running quickly after.

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Here is the Southern California Fire Hazard Map, how severe is the threat to your business?

fire risk map Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego Cal FIre

Fire Hazard Severity Zones California Fire Map

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