Orange County Tesla Driver Takes a Nap on the 405 freeway

Cruising past Westminster, CA on the 405 freeway this man seems to be catching up on some Zzzzzs. What is your reaction? Scared? Horrified? Jealous??? A mix of all 3? Is this safe? I could get so much done if I could utilize the amount of time I spend on the over crowded Southern California freeways..... This morning I spent more than an hour on the 405 freeway, and let's be honest, I would think a well respected car company's autopilot could probably drive better than half of the drivers out there this morning.

So is a Tesla's autopilot safer? ERM Insurance wants to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible out there on the roads.

According to

"Autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake

automatically within its lane. Current Autopilot features

require active driver supervision and do not make the

vehicle autonomous."

So the answer is: No, it is not safe to nap, yet. The man in the video above is putting his life in danger along with everyone else on the 405 at that moment. If you see someone in the driver's seat sleeping in a moving car call 911 ASAP.

The exciting news? Most of the newer Tesla's are equipped with the technology that can eventually handle a fully automated program that can turn your Tesla into your own personal chauffeur. It will eventually even be able to drop you off and go find itself a parking spot. How neat is that? My kids want the Tesla for the farting app, I may get on board if I can relax and not have to drive anymore 😂.

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