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Risk Management:

Most insurance brokers provide insurance coverage for their clients. Beyond that they provide little to no assistance in preventing or reducing losses and protecting against compliance problems.


We designed our company around the concept of helping clients design and implement risk management strategies that help reduce losses and the long-term costs of risk. This concept is so integral to what we do that we named our company ERM for Enterprise Risk Management.

We recognize that most small to mid-sized firms do not have the expertise to develop and administer a risk management program and we fill that role for them. We employ an Enterprise Risk Management model that looks at risks holistically and addresses safety, hiring practices, claims management, wellness programs and compliance issues (OSHA, labor laws, etc.). We help our clients reduce claims, become more attractive risks to the insurance carriers, and to operate more efficiently. And we typically provide all these services at no additional cost to the client.

Call us to see how ERM can benefit your company.

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Let Orange County, California based ERM Insurance Agents help minimize your risks so that you can focus on your day to day....

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