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Specialty Insurance

Different Industries Need Different Things

ERM Insurance Brokers have a plethora of experience in multiple specialties.  They help customize plans to help businesses lower their risk as well as their premiums in all industries.  The best insurance policy is a policy as specialized as your business.  You need financual protection that is tailored to your business.  There is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy.  ERM has over 35 years working with businesses across different industries.  As a result of our experiences, we have developed several customized programs:

• Fee Based Insurance - Large businesses can save money and get better overall risk management with this program.

•Commercial Property Insurance - Custom designed specifically for the risks commercial property owners face.

•Healthcare Provider Insurance Program - A holistic program that encompasses the risks specific to the healthcare industry.

•Manufacturing Insurance - A complete program that provides the special coverages manufacturers need,

• Plus many more! Is ERM Insurance an expert in your industry? Check here  


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